Ella Dearest Strips Off Her Knickers & Masturbates In Fully-Fashioned Nylons

Ella Dearest strips off her knickers & masturbates in fully-fashioned nylons

Ella Dearest strips off her red lace knickers and masturbates in sexy suspenders and grey fully-fashioned nylon stockings at NHLP Central

Ella Dearest had been out all day, enjoying the attention she attracted while flaunting her shapely figure in her polka dot dress and walking around in her stiletto heels. Relaxing at home on the chaise-longue in her red lingerie and vintage nylon stockings, she caresses her legs and masturbates her pussy to climax.

Ella sat upright on the chaise-longue, running her lace gloved hands over her shapely legs in their grey stockings and shiny stiletto heels. She briefly opened her legs to cross them over and closed them again, giving a flash of her red, sheer nylon panties under her dress. She smiled, slowly draw back the hem of the dress, revealing a glimpse of red suspenders and their their metal clasps attached to the tops of her fully-fashioned nylons.

Ella stood to strip off the dress and posed in her red lace lingerie, her gloved hands caressing her pretty little titties in their quarter-cup bra. She lifted her boobs and bounced them inside the bra cups, then teased the erect brown nipples with her tips of her gloved fingers.

Ella turned and rubbed her hands over the curve of her delicious ass in the red layer of her sheer nylon knickers. She slipped her fingers under the waist of her knickers and slowly teased them over her buttocks, bending as she drew them down her stockinged legs to let them hang loose around her ankles and stiletto heels.

Ella stripped the panties off and knelt on the couch, both hands stroking the cheeks of her big, brown ass. She enjoyed the sensation of nylon on nylon as she rubbed the knickers against her legs, sliding them all the way up to her thighs and over her hairy cunt. Then she lifted the knickers to her nose and sniffed the crotch, taking pleasure in the musky perfume of her hot, sticky pussy.

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Watch Ella masturbating in her red lace lingerie and fully-fashioned nylon stockings at NHLP Central


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