Eva Johnson – Seductive Brunette Stripteases In Nylon Lingerie & Stockings

Seductive brunette stripteases in nylon negligee, lingerie and tan RHT stockings video at NHLPCentral.com

Seductive brunette Eva Johnson stripteases in nylon negligee, red lingerie and tan RHT stockings and masturbates to climax in her video at NHLPCentral.com

Eva Johnson pays off her lawyer by giving him a special strip-show in sexy lingerie and sheer tan nylons. Watch her teasing provocatively in her sheer nylon negligee, suspenders, and stockings, then pull down her skimpy panties and masturbate to climax in her video, ‘Payment in Kind’.

‘I feel so horny, I’m glad you came to see me today,’ Eva said, posing in a black negligee, her red lace lingerie, and pantie thong visible through the transparent nylon. ‘How about you take your cock out and play with yourself,’ she suggested invitingly, opening the negligee and leaning forward to show the cleavage of her boobs inside the bra. ‘I love watching a man wanking, it’s so sexy.’

Eva turned, swaying seductively and bending over while caressing the smooth flesh of her naked buttocks. She reached down to her ankles and slowly drew her hands up her legs, tracing the fingertips over the shimmering nylon of her RHT stockings.

Eva sat on the couch with her legs open, rubbing her pussy through the crotch of her red panties. She pulled aside the panties and spread the lips of her labia, fingers sliding over the hood of her clitoris that glistened with her moist juices.

Eva stripped off the negligee, then released the catch of her bra and slipped the straps down her arms. Pulling the bra forward and holding it against her chest, she massaged the soft flesh of her boobs through the loosened cups.

Eva stripped away the bra and fondled her tits while standing and swaying seductively in her lingerie and stockings. She teased in her panties, stretching them down around her hips and pulled up tight against her pussy.

Eva pulled down her panties and knelt on the couch with her knees apart, mooning her arse. Looking back over her shoulder, she reached between her thighs and stroked her naked pussy.

‘Oh, yes. Keep wanking your big cock,’ she urged excitedly, pressing her hand against her shaved pussy and diddling her clitoris. ‘My pussy is really wet for you,’ she moaned pleasurably, sliding a finger into the pink, lubricated hole of her delicious, hot cunt.

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