Roxy Mendez – Sexy Tease Rips Open Her Designer Pantyhose & Masturbates

Roxy Mendez rips open her designer pantyhose and masturbates with her dildo

Sexy tease Roxy Mendez rips open her designer pantyhose and masturbates with her dildo to climax in her latest video at NHLP Central

Roxy is off to a party in her velvet evening dress, which has a sexy side spit that reveals her eye-catching designer pantyhose. Instead, she decides to stay in and have fun ripping open her pantyhose and masturbating to climax with her favourite vibrator.

Roxy stands and wiggles as she pulls down her velvet dress and slides the slinky material over shapely ass, sheathed in satin knickers and sheer nylon pantyhose. She turns and fondles her peachy breasts, swaying as she pushes one hand down the front of her hose and spreads her fingers over the crotch of her satin panties.

Stripping off the dress completely, Roxy sits in the chair and continues to masturbate with her hand down her hose. She pulls her knickers aside to show her cunt and and rubs the juicy, compressed lips through the nylon crotch of her sheer tights.

Her fingernail accidentally ladders the front of her hose, so she decides to go all the way and have fun ripping more holes in the delicate fabric. She forces her thumbs through the taut nylon gusset, splitting the fragile material and causing multiple ladders to spread over her thighs and down her long legs to her ankles.

Roxy kneels in the chair, fingers clawing at the clingy nylon covering her arse and ripping it open; the flesh of her buttocks bursting through the expanding holes as she tears at the ravaged nylon spreading across the ample flesh of her shapely arse.

Roxy’s set ‘Illusions In Pantyhose’ has 165 photo images and an 17:39 minute HQ video

Watch Roxy Mendez have fun ripping her nylon pantyhose and using her dildo at NHLP Central


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