Chloe Toy Gets On Her Knees & Masturbates In Ripped Nylon Tights

Chloe Toy rips open her sheer nylon tights and masturbates in her latest video at NHLP Central

Sexy Blonde Chloe Toy gets on her knees and enthusiastically masturbates to climax in her ripped sheer nylon tights video at NHLP Central

Sexy blond babe Chloe Toy loves the feel of nylon pantyhose around her hot pussy and cheeks of her cute bum. It makes her feel very horny and she enthusiastically masturbates on the bed with her hands deep inside her pantyhose. Really turned on, she rips open the gusset of her tights and slides her fingers up her gaping, wet pussy and frigs herself off to a lush climax.

‘I do enjoy the feeling of the soft material of my pantyhose against my pussy, Chloe reclined on the bed, caressing her slender legs in their tan pantyhose. ‘I bet you’d love to run your hands all over my legs, all the way up to that peachy ass in these pantyhose of mine,’ she smiled pleasurably, laying on her side and sliding her hands up her legs and over the curve of her sexy ass.

‘Let me get my hands under that soft material and feel that nice wet pussy of mine,’ Chloe said, opening her legs and pushing her hand down the front of her hose to feel her hairy snatch. She gasped with pleasure, gently thrusting her hips as she circled her fingers over her clit and rubbed the supple lips of her moist cunt under the stretchy nylon of her sexy tights.

‘When get so excited in my pantyhose, they often end up getting a ripped.’ Chloe drawing her fingers under the the taut nylon screen of her pantyhose. ‘So let’s make a nice big hole and make it easier to get at that sweet pussy of mine,’ she said, pushing her fingers through the delicate nylon and clawing the material apart in her hands to expose her hairy pussy.

Chloe’s fingers tore at the fragile nylon so it ran in ladders along her thighs and down her legs. Then getting on her knees, she stretched the nylon over her buttocks and widened the hole, fully exposing the puckered ring of her anus and juicy pussy.

‘It makes me feel so naughty, destroying such a lovely pair of pantyhose.’ Chloe pressed her hand against her naked pussy, gasping loudly at the sensation of her fingers moving rapidly, massaging the wet flaps of her gaping cunt as she masturbated on her knees in her ripped nylon tights.

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