Sophia Smith – Sexy Lingerie Saleslady Stripteases In Red Suspenders & Black Stockings

Sophia Smith stripteasing in sexy lingerie, suspenders, black stockings and stiletto heels

Sexy lingerie saleslady Sophia Smith stripteases in her red nylon panties, suspenders, black stockings and stiletto heels in her latest video at NHLP Central

Sexy lingerie saleslady Sophia receives a phone call from a customer who is interested in purchasing an order for lingerie. The caller asks if Sophia wears the products she promotes, which she does of course. She goes on to describe in detail what she is wearing, while stripping off her clothes and parading in the office in her racy lingerie, nylon stockings and stiletto heels.

‘I’m dressed in a smart outfit, my legs in black nylon stockings and shiny leather stiletto heels.’ Sophia leaned over the desk, holding the phone up to her ear as she talked to the mysterious caller, hands caressing the curve of her ass through the tight material of her pencil skirt.

‘My bra is quite a racy red number and my knickers are sheer,’ Sophia continued, describing her underwear in detail, ‘And my red garter-belt has six-straps and their shiny metal clasps are affixed to the tops of my fully-fashioned nylons.’

Sophia put down the phone on the desk so she could remove her jacket, then stripped off the lacy bra and fondled her all natural boobs. She slipped the unzipped skirt over her ass and down her stockinged legs to the floor, then stepped out of it and picked up the phone.

‘Are you still there?’ Sophia sat on the desk top and extended legs, her hands caressed the soft nylon and smoothing out the wrinkles of her stockings. ‘Oh, yes. I did take my bra off,’ she continued to talk to the caller, intrigued by their intimate questions. ‘It is rather naughty of me, isn’t it? Now I’m going to take off my knickers.’

Sophia put down the phone again and stood by the desk, then slipped her thumbs into the elastic waist of her knickers. She bent over slightly as she pulled the knickers down over her arse and left them stretched under the curve of her buttocks.

‘I’ve just pulled them down and they are underneath my bottom,’ she smiled, talking to the caller again, while kneeling on the chair with her knickers stretched around her thighs and stocking tops. ‘I hope no-one comes into the office,’ she said, a little concerned her boss may return at any time and catch her semi-naked in the office in her sexy lingerie.

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