Kate Anne Gives Masturbation Instruction In Girdle, Stockings & Stiletto Heels

Horny sex therapist gives masturbation instruction in girdle, stockings and stiletto heels

Horny sex therapist Kate Anne gives masturbation instruction in girdle, stockings and stiletto heels in her latest video at NHLP Central

Your horny sex therapist Kate Anne welcomes you to the ‘Institute of Advanced Masturbation’ for a one-on-one session in private. Allow her to guide and instruct you to masturbate while she puts on a nice striptease show in her open-bottom girdle and stockings and encourages you to cum as she reaches her climax.

‘I’m here to teach you how to masturbate effectively, as I know a lot you guys cum far to soon. So we’ll be masturbating for 15 minutes and I expect you to last the whole duration of our session. OK, so let’s get started.’

Kate leaned against the edge of the desk, removed the board belt from around her waist and stripped off her frilly nylon blouse to reveal the lacy cups of her girdle that supported her ample boobs.

‘That’s right, start wanking your cock for me.’ Kate instructed, gesturing with one hand as if she were stroking the length of an erection, while slowly pulling her skirt up to show her black suspenders and stockings tops. She unzipped the back of her skirt and turned to pull it down, revealing the all-in-one girdle clinging to the curve of her hips and ass.

‘Oh, yes. You keep wanking that hard cock of yours, it’s getting really big now, isn’t it?’ She spoke encouragingly, leaning over the desk and allowing the skirt to slide down her legs in their seamed nylons and fall around her stockinged feet.

‘Now, I want you to slow down on stroking your cock and caresses your balls, that’s it.’ Kate encouraged, stepping out of her skirt and sitting on the corner of desk top with her legs open.

‘I’m going to join in and touch myself, while I watch you stroking your big cock. Would you like that? Good!’

Kate lowered the bra cups of her girdle and caressed her fleshy boobs with one hand, while the other moved between her thighs and fingered the supple lips of her wet pussy. She lay back on the desk and opened her legs wider, slipped her fingers inside her inviting pussy and masturbated openly.  ‘Now, I’m getting really turned on, and watching you wanking your cock is making me extremely wet.’

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Watch Kate Anne giving masturbation instruction in her girdle and nylons at NHLP CENTRAL


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