Alexa Red – Gorgeous Redhead Teases In Lacy Lingerie, Stockings & Stilettos

Gorgeous redhead Alexa teases in the boudoir in her lacy lingerie, stockings and pink stiletto heels at NHLP Central

Alexa enjoys dressing in lingerie for her man and looks forward with anticipation to an evening of sexual pleasure. Knowing how much he appreciates seeing her posing in her underwear, she teases him by stripping off her panties and openly masturbating in her nylons stockings and pink stiletto heels.

Alexa sat on the dresser chair and stripped off her lacy slip, revealing a white bullet bra and vintage garter-belt around her waist. Releasing the catch of her brassiere she stripped it away and the pearl necklace hanging between her cleavage rattled as she fondled her soft, round boobs.

Alexa stood and hooked her thumbs into the elastic of her panties and pulled them over her ass and down to her stockinged thighs. She swayed in an enticing manner, grabbing and separating her buttocks to give a glimpse of her hot pussy.

Alexa sat and removed her panties, slowly drawing them down her legs in their seamed nylon stockings and over her pink stiletto heels.

‘I love watching you get all excited; that turns me on so much.’ Alexa sighed softly as she sat with her legs open wide, rubbing her clitoris and the wet slit of her pierced labia. She closed her eyes, a dreamy look on her face as her fingers slipped between the luscious lips of her hot, juicy pussy.

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Watch Alexa teasing and cumming in her lingerie, stockings and stiletto heels at NHLP Central


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