Daisy Destin – Blonde Babe Masturbates To Climax In Sexy Designer Pantyhose

Blonde babe Daisy Destin masturbates to climax her hot nylon pantyhose video

Blonde babe Daisy Destin masturbates to climax with a vibrator in her sexy designer pantyhose in this scene at NHLP Central

Stunning blonde Daisy Destin delivers a rousing performance as she masturbates with a vibrator in her fabulous designer pantyhose in this hot pantyhose masturbation scene.

Daisy kneels on the bed and strips off her dress, revealing her white bra and designer pantyhose. She hooks her thumbs into the waist of her hose and pulls and stretches them around her hips, turning to show her ass cheeks encased in their tight layer of nylon hosiery.

She quickly strips off the bra to uncover her beautiful all natural breasts and luxuriates in the sensation of her hands caressing her her hips and ass, sheathed in their layer of sheer nylon.

Daisy lays back against the pillows and gently writhes her hips while pulling and stretching her pantyhose gusset tight around the crotch of her pussy. She lifts and draws her hands over the smooth nylon covering legs, then rolls onto her side and fingers her anus thorough the sheer fabric of her delectable pantyhose.

Daisy slides her hand down the front of her hose and spreads her fingers over the supple lips of her moist pussy. She writhes on the bed, her hand moving under the stretchy nylon as she thrusts her fingers between the gaping lips of her hot, wet cunt.

Daisy spreads her legs wide open and massages the head of her vibrator against the compressed lips pussy through the pantyhose gusset. The intense vibrations cause her to writhe on the bed as her mounting sexual pleasure climaxes in a sequence of multiple orgasms.

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