Chloe Toy Gives Masturbation Encouragement In Her Nylon Stockings & Stilettos

Chloe Toy stripteases in nylon stockings and stiletto heels and gives masturbation encouragement

Chloe Toy gives masturbation encouragement while she stripteases in her nylon stockings and stiletto heels in her latest video at NHLP Central

Horny masturbation instructor Chloe Toy looks so cute in her tight fitting shirt and pencil skirt as she sits on her couch, her delectable legs adorned in vintage nylon stockings and stiletto heels. Dressed to please your taste for retro-styles of clothing, Chloe satisfies your needs by stripping down to her underwear and encouraging you to masturbate while she fingers her fluffy blonde pussy to climax.

‘It’s were all the naughty masturbation happens,’ Chloe giggles, sitting on the couch, and drawing back the hem of her skirt to give a glimpse of suspender and stockings tops. ‘Because that’s why you’re here for,’ she continues, caressing her legs in their beautiful vintage nylon stockings, ‘to watch me strip out of my clothes and have me tell you exactly how to wank that dick of yours.’

Chloe unbuttons her white shirt and strips it off, then slips the straps of her black lacy bra down her arms and uplifts her boobs in their lacy half cups. Now, let’s begin shall we?’ Chloe smiles, stripping away the bra and squeezing her petite, all natural tits in her hands.

‘So, take that dick of yours out and slowly stroke it in your hand, pump it up and get it nice and big for me,’ she gestures with her fingers curled into a hollow fist, flexing her wrist and hand to simulate the movement of wanking a big erection. ‘I need to see you get much bigger before we get up to some really naughty things.’

Chloe Toy’s set ‘Welcome to The Lounge’ has 177 photo images and a 12:28 minute HQ video

Watch Chloe giving masturbation encouragement in her stockings and stilettos at NHLP Central

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