Sapphire Blue – Blonde Hot Wife Stripteases In Sheer Lingerie & Lace Top Stockings

Blonde hot wife stripteases and masturbates in sheer lingerie and lace top stockings

Blonde hot wife Sapphire Blue stripteases and masturbates in her sheer lingerie and lace top stockings at NHLP Central

Sapphire knows how hard you’ve been working, so she thought to slip on her sexy lingerie and give you a treat when you get home. She greets you in the bedroom dressed in her lingerie and stockings, then performs a seductive striptease and gets your aroused with an explicit show of masturbation.

‘Welcome home, naughty boy.’ Sapphire stood by the bed, attired in her baby blue, sheer nylon bra and panties, cream coloured suspender belt and lace top stockings. ‘I thought you might like to take out your dick and let me tease you, while you play with yourself.’ Sapphire lifted one foot onto the bed, opening her legs to give a tantalizing glimpse of her shaved pussy through the sheer nylon of her panties.

‘I can see you are getting excited already,’ she said, gently thrusting her hips and rubbing her hand over the crotch of her knickers. ‘It’s these sexy stockings, isn’t it? Maybe you’d like to come and push your fingers between my smooth legs and the lacy tops,’ she said, caressing the soft flesh of her thigh with one her hand under the lace top of her stocking.

‘You’re getting me very turned on, right now.’ Sapphire knelt on the bed and slipped the straps of her bra down her arms, then leaned forward and pushed her tits together and uplifted her cleavage. ‘Keep wanking that big cock, while I get out my tits for you,’ she whispered seductively, pulling down the bra cups and squeezing the soft flesh of her boobs in her flexible fingers.

‘My sexy stockings have got you all worked up, you naughty boy.’ Sapphire’s eyes sparkled with amusement and she pulled aside the crotch of her panties to show the succulent lips of her moist pussy. Turning and kneeling with her ass in view, she slipped her thumbs into the waist of her panties and slowly pulled them over the smooth flesh of her rounded buttocks. She drew the panties down so they were stretched around her ankles and spread her legs wide, exposing the slit of her naked pussy to full view.

‘Imagine burying you face in there.’ Sapphire groaned pleasurably, twerking her ass up and down and reaching behind to part the lips of her cunt, glistening with her flowing juices. ‘Taste how sweet that pussy is with your mouth, let me open it up so you can get right in there with your tongue and lick that clit for me.’

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