Sexy Babe Has Bedroom Fun In Red Sheer Nylon Pantyhose

Sexy babe masturbates in red sheer nylon pantyhose and yellow leather stiletto heels at NHLP Central

Sexy babe Tracy Rose has bedroom fun while masturbating in red sheer nylon pantyhose and yellow leather stiletto heels at NHLP Central

Sexy babe Tracy invites you to watch her teasing on the bed in her short skirt, red nylon pantyhose and yellow stiletto heels. Watch this hot babe getting into lots of positions and encourage you to masturbate along with her as she wanks her pussy with her hand inside her sheer nylon pantyhose.

Tracy knelt on the bed and lifted the back of her skirt to show her round ass clad in red, nylon pantyhose. She looks back over her shoulder with a cheeky grin, spreading both hands over shapely buttocks and pulling them apart to show her pussy and butthole through the sheer nylon of her tights.

Tracy turned over and lay with her legs open, pulling up the front of her hose and stretching the crotch tight around the mound of her shaved pussy. She put her hand down the inside of her hose and slipped her fingers either side of her throbbing clitoris, then spread her pussy lips wide to show the pinkness of her cunt through the sheer nylon of her pantyhose gusset.

Tracy rolled over and got on her knees, then put her head down against the pillows and tilted up her rear end. ‘It’s such a turn on, not wearing any knickers under my hose; just going completely free,’ she said, reaching between her thighs and caressing her pussy through the sheer nylon oval of her pantyhose gusset.

Tracy looked back and gave a naughty smile as she pushed her hand inside her hose and massaged the juicy lips of her beautiful pussy. ‘Are you rubbing yourself too? I really like it when you stroke your cock,’ she sighed softly, hand moving under the stretchy nylon of her tights as she penetrated her cunt with her fingers, taking delight in frigging herself off in her sexy pantyhose and stiletto heels.

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