Aston Wilde – Sexy Business Woman Stripteases In Nylon Pantyhose and Heels

Sexy business woman Aston Wilde strips off her smart outfit and masturbates in her sheer nylon pantyhose and sexy, stiletto heels. in her latest scene at NHLP Central

Sexy business woman Aston knows a thing or two about power dressing and persuading her male clients to give her the best deal. It’s all down to how she looks in her smart outfit, tight fitting pencil skirt and legs in pantyhose and sexy, stiletto heels.

‘So you like my pantyhose? They do look rather good on me don’t they?’ Aston pulled-up her skirt and lifted herslef onto the desk-top, opened her legs and placed her hand over the crotch of her pantyhose.

‘They feel really soft against my pussy,’ she smiled, rubbing the oval gusset stretched over her shaved pussy. I bet you’d like to come and stroke them, wouldn’t you?’

Aston stripped off her jacket and slipped the straps of her red satin bra over her shoulders and stripped it away. Her hands moved fluidly as they swept across her chest and uplifted the soft, pale flesh of her boobs. She grabbed her tits and squeezed them in one hand, then licked her fingers and rubbed them over her big, pink nipples.

Aston stood, unzipped the skirt and eased it over her pantyhose clad ass, letting it drop to the floor around her stiletto heels. Stepping out of the skirt, she sat back in the leather chair and opened her legs wide, her hand sliding over the mound of her pantyhosed pussy.

‘Rubbing my pussy through nylon is such a turn on,’ Aston moaned and tilted her blonde head back, closing her eyes as she focused on massaging her moist pussy through the sheer nylon of her sexy hosiery.


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