Layla Summers – Frilly Lace & Satin Lingerie Striptease In Stockings & Heels

Layla Summer strips in her frilly satin lingerie corset and lace top stockings in this sensual lingerie striptease video at NHLP Central

International pornstar Layla Summers strips in her frilly satin lingerie corset, lace top stockings and heels in this sensual lingerie striptease video at NHLP Central

International porn star Layla Summers puts on a sensual lingerie tease in the bedroom, flaunting her big tits and long legs in their lace top stockings. Watch her pull down her panties and show you her enticing juicy pussy in this erotic lingerie striptease.

Layla stands in front the tall, silver famed mirror, admiring how she looks in her frilly corset with lots of satin ribbons, pretty lace panties and lace-top stockings.

Layla fondles her magnificent round breasts, pressing them against the flat surface of the mirror, licking her lips at the sight of her refection. Caressing her body, her hands follow the outline of her curves and sweep over soft material of the beautiful lace corset around her her slender waist.

Layla kneels on the bed and smiles as she looks in the mirror at her ass and the thin material of her pantie thong stretched over her anus. She slaps the cheeks of her butt cheeks and pulls aside the crotch of the thong to give a teasing glimpse of her luscious pussy lips.

Layla hooks her thumbs into the waist of her panties and slowly teases them down her legs, leaving them stretched tight between her ankles. She looks back at herself in the mirror as she caresses her inner thighs and stockinged legs, then reaches up to strip the panties over her open-toe heels.

Layla kneels upright and runs her hands over her naked tits and lingerie clad body, leaning back to thrust her pelvis and grind her hips while she enjoys the view of her juicy pussy in the mirror.

Layla Summer’s set ‘Frills For Thrills’ has 145 photo images and a 09:15 minute HQ video

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