Sexy Blonde Hippie Girl Flicks Her Bean In Fancy Nylon Pantyhose

Sexy blonde hippy girl Lucy put her hand down her fancy pantyhose and flicks her bean while she masturbates in her video at NHLP Central

Sexy blonde Lucy Lume shows us just how sexually liberated all those hippie girls were back in the 60s. Pantyhose were in fashion and all the rage with young women of the time, especially colourful or patterned hose like Lucy wore for us when we shot this retro-scene.

Girls of the 60’s were all into the new wave of sexual liberation and exploring their bodies by masturbating to achieve orgasm. Being uninhibited and taking pleasure in sexuality was something every girl needed to achieve. So if you like to watch girls flicking the bean, check out Lucy masturbating to climax in this hot pantyhose scene:

‘These peachy pantyhose feel really silky especially against my cute bottom,’ Lucy said, stroking the round cheeks of her nylon covered ass. She rolled over and pulled the crotch of her hose against the mound of her shaved pussy. ‘I love how my hose rub up against my clit and make it tingle even more,’ she sighed, rubbing her pussy through the oval gusset of her sheer nylon pantyhose.

Lucy slipped her hand down the front of her hose and began to masturbate. ‘My pussy feels nice and wet,’ she sighed, thrusting her hips up and down as her fingers slipped between the moist lips of her snatch. ‘Come and have a closer look,’ she gasped, her fingers rubbing the throbbing head of her hot clitoris. ‘Have a good look at my nice, smooth pussy, it’s really wet!’


Watch Lucy Lume flicking the bean in her fashion pantyhose at NHLP Central

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